How to Host Your Domain Name On Another Host

There may be some times when you will need to purchase a domain name from a particular registrar and host the domain on another web hosting company.

Some reasons may be that you purchased the domain name at a very cheap rate from Company A and want to host it in your hosting account where you have a add-on domain space. For instance is registered at another do and hosted on Namecheap.

Follow The Steps Below to Host Your Domain Name On Another Host

  • Login to the account you purchased your domain.
  • Click on Manage domain and select update/manage Name servers or DNS (Domain Name Server)
Domain Name
  • Now, go to the host you want to use and get their name servers 1 and 2 ( Contact your hosting company if you don’t know your name server, but it’s always in the email of the hosting account purchase)
  • Change the name servers 1 and 2 and click Update.

To Add To Domain To Your Host Cpanel;

  • Login to your Cpanel (Cpanel of the host you want to host the domain)
  • Under Domains category, select “Addon Domain”
Domain name 2
  • type your domain URL under “New Domain Name” and click on add domain
  • Done, your domain is now added to that host.

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