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How to Upload SVG File on WordPress

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, SVG file format that defines the vector-graphics in form of the Extended Markup Language (XML).

By Default, WordPress has disable the upload of SVG files because of the possible security risk its possess.

SVG can expose a website to some XML vulnerabilities, for instance it can be used to gain access to site’s users data, cross site scripting attacks and brute force attacks.

SVG files are best options for icons and website logos. The main benefit or importance of SVG image format over other formats like JPG, PNG, GIF is that the SVG file does not lose quality when it is resized because it does not use pixel in other words, SVG files are not pixelate. If you zoom image in JPG or PNG format, you’ll see that the image begins to blur as you zoom out but in SVG the image quality remain same as you zoom out.

The Best WordPress Plugin For This Purpose is: SVG Support by benbodhi

SVG file by Benbodhi

Install and activate the plugin, the options in the plugin settings are all option, but i’ll recommend you check the option “Restrict to Administrators” to restrict the upload of SVG file to only administrators if there are other writers on your blog.

SVG File 2

That’s all, you can now upload your SVG file to your WordPress site.






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