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How to Remove Footer Credit in WordPress

Do you want to change or remove footer credit in WordPress ?

WordPress themes are built by developers using web development languages HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc.. and very important for the backend PHP.

Some of the themes developer do not provide option to remove or modify the theme author’s credit popular called footer credit especially the free themes. Almost all premium WordPress theme give option to remove or modify the footer credit.

For a theme where there’s no option to modify/remove the footer credit, the available option in most case is to change the footer.PHP file of the theme’s editor, this can break down the entire site if not handled by a web developer who’s good in coding. Also the changes will be overwritten anytime there’s an update in the theme.

Recently there’s a good & free plugin that can serve that purpose risk free.

Follow The Steps Below to Remove Footer Credit in WordPress:

  • From your WordPress dashboard, go to plugins > Add New and type in Remove Footer Credit in the plugin search box. Install and activate
Remove Footer Credit in WordPress 1
  • In your dashboard, under tools, click on Remove Footer Credit to visit the plugin settings page
  • I want to change the footer credit of Techs Jardin from “Powered By WordPress” to “Developed By Edikan Victor” as shown below
Remove Footer Credit in WordPress 3
  • highlight the text “Powered By WordPress”, right click and choose Inspect Element (using firefox, if you’re using Chrome, you’ll see inspect) In the element inspection section that pope up, copy the enter line of code underlined and paste in the first box of the plugin settings shown above (Step 1: Enter text/HTML to remove (one per line). Enter Your desired text in the second box (Step 2: Enter your own footer credit (one per line)) in my case “Developed By Edikan Victor”, scroll down and click on Save.
Remove Footer Credit in WordPress 2
  • You can leave the second box blank if you wish not to write anything.
  • Finish you’ve successfully changed the footer credit.





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