How to Detect & Disable AdBlocker On Browsers Viewing Your Site

Are you looking for a way to detect and disable Adblocker on browsers viewing your WordPress site?

If you serve pop-up ads on your website/blog and you want to learn how to detect and disable Adblocker on browsers with AdBlocker installed, then this short article is for you.

Most blogs/websites earn revenue by serving ads, these ads may come in form of Per Pay Click (PPC), Pay Per View and pop-up ads. Some site users install Adblocker software on their browsers.

This AdBlocker blocks pop-up adverts and thereby deprives the site owner of earning revenue from their work.

With WordPress, you can install a plugin that detects when a browser with AdBlocker views your website with the steps below:

  • Install and activate “DH – Anti AdBlocker” plugin.
  • In your WordPress Dashboard click on “DH Plugins” to set up the anti AdBlocker plugin.
Disable AdBlocker Detection - Techs Jardin
  • Set up your anti AdBlocker plugin, enable the plugin and save. Here is a message that popped up using TechsJardin as an example.
DH - Anti AdBlocker Plugin Setup - Techs Jardin





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