How Compress MS Word & PDF File Without An App

Are you looking for a way to reduce or compress MS Word file and PDF file ?

You can actually compress or reduce the size of a Microsoft word document and Portable Document Format (PDF) File without the use of any application.

There are many applications on the internet that serves this purpose, majority are not free. In this article, I will show you how to reduce the size of a Microsoft word document and PDF file without using any application.

Compress MS Word File;
  • At the point of saving the document in Microsoft Word, Click on Tools at the bottom of Save As dialogue box, as choose “Compress Pictures”
  • From the pop up options, select “Email(96 ppi): minimize document size for sharing” and click okay.
Compress MS Word File 1
For PDF File;
  • To get a document in PDF file, you’ll have to convert the document from MS Word to PDF, at the point of saving the document in MS Word, under “save as type” choose PDF.
  • Two options will display below under optimize for: Standard (Publishing online and printing) & Minimum size (publishing online). Choose the second option – Minimum size (publishing online) and click Save.

You can also reduce the size of a file already in PDF, here you will have to first convert the PDF file to MS Word document and then re-convert the file to PDF using the steps for the PDF above.

To convert PDF file to Word document, Goto Pdf2doc to upload and convert the PDF file.





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