How to Screenshot & Crop Any Part Of Desktop Without Pasting In Any Application

This post will show you how to screenshot any part of your PC and crop it right there without pasting the screenshot image in any application like Microsoft word, Paint, Corel Draw Etc. like it is obtainable using the traditional Print Screen (Prnt Scrn).

Generally, you use Print Screen to capture your screen or desktop, but will need an application like Paint, Corel Draw, Microsoft Word and others to crop and Edit the exact area you need. Most time, the cropped area will be very blur.

I use a software known as Lightshot – a simple and free software to screenshot both Mac and Windows desktops. The difference between Lighshot and other screen shot is that it works outside the browser compared to other screenshots that works on only browsers.

Click Here to download Lightshot install on your PC.

Lightshot Screenshot - Techs Jardin
How to use Lightshot
  • Press Prnt Scrn (Print Screen), the entire desktop environment will highlight, drag your move to select the area you want to screen-shot, you can select the entire screen as well. Press Esc key to cancel the screenshot and press the Save button to to save the screenshot to your PC.
  • You can also view the size of the screen-shot area in pixel as you move you mouse.
  • You can directly print the screen-shot area, share to medias and also use the available formatting options to format the screen-shot area.






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