How to Add CAPTCHA to WordPress Login & Comment Section

This article will show you how to add Captcha to your WordPress login, comments and registration form and send spammers and hackers away from your website.

Most times, hackers and spammers use robots to post multiple comments on a blog post within a minute. Hackers also use bot to target websites on a particular host, in this case they can problem the robot to try 50 different usernames and password in the login form.

Let’s install a Captcha that’s ask a user a simple arithmetic calculation during login, registration and comment.

  • From your plugin section, search, install and activate WC Captcha
  • In your dashboard, look for the plugin under settings
WC Captcha Settings - Techs Jardin
  • There’s also a option to setup Captcha time in seconds (the time a use has to input the result in one session).

See below how it works on Tech Jardin WordPress login page







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