Embed All Kind of Media in WordPress Post with WordPress oEmbed

With WordPress oEmbed you can easily embed any kind of media file in your WordPress post. Formerly you will need a plugin to embed a YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, Twitter video and so on. WordPress developers recently introduced oEmbeds in the WordPress editor box.

With oEmbed you don’t need to play around with YouTube embed code frame or trying to work with the width, height or margin of the frame.

How to Use oEmbed in Gutenberg Editor

It is very easy to use oEmbed in the Gutenberg editor, in your WordPress post editor tap the + sign at the top left of the editor or below your current paragraph area.

You can directly go to oEmbeds by using the search box type embed or simple scroll down to the embed section.

For this tutorial, I will be using YouTube video to demonstrate oEmbed. Copy a YouTube video link, open YouTube embed and paste the link in the box provided.





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