How to Add Custom Fonts in WordPress Website

This article will show you how to add custom fonts to a WordPress website. Some WordPress themes come with multiple font options but this is mostly available in some premium WordPress themes while some free themes will give at most 3-5 fonts option.

In this post, I will show you how to add custom fonts to your WordPress website using a WordPress plugin.

How to Add Custom Fonts Using Easy Google Fonts

This is the simplest method because everything is done in the WordPress dashboard.

From your plugin >> Add New and type Easy Google Fonts in the plugin search box, install and activate the plugin.

To select a font from the list of fonts that have been added to your WordPress by Easy Google Fonts plugin. Go to Customize. From Appearance >> Customize >> Typography >> Default Typography

Click on Edit Font drop down arrow to choose your desired font from the list of about 200 fonts family for the paragraph and headings from heading 1 to 6. For instance let me choose Trebuchet MS font for the paragraph.

After this, scroll up and click on Publish and you’re done.

Note: this article will soon be be updated with a video tutorial where I will show you how to add custom fonts in WordPress website manually without the use of a plugin.





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