How to Remotely Operate Another PC and Vice Versa

Do you want to remotely operate another PC from anywhere in the world or you want to grant someone access to view and modify your computer provided the person and you are connected to the internet?

Now, don’t get scared of your PC being hacked because the application is fully secured and the process can only work with your approval. There are many benefit of remote desktop software ranging covering educational and business purpose.

As a teacher you may need a remote desktop software to install an application or troubleshoot a software on your student’s PC or fix an error where a student or leaner cannot follow your video or text tutorial o achieve that purpose.

In this article I will sow you how to use two remote desktop software to remotely access another PC from anywhere and vice versa.

Team Viewer

Team viewer is a great remote desktop software. It is a free version and also a premium version. The free version is cool for individuals and small business. The software is available for all operating system Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, Raspberry Pi, Android & iOS.

Click here to download Team Viewer, it will automatically redirect you o the download section of your device operating system. Download and install Team Viewer on your device.

Team Viewer Full Window - Remotely Operate Another PC

Above image Team Viewer full window. Once installed and setup it will take you to this interface. To connect to your partner (another PC), you either give your partner Your ID and Password to connect to your device or vice versa.

From the screenshot above, you can see where to input Partner ID, you can select Remote control or File transfer then click on Connect. If the Partner ID is correct and the connect is successful, you’ll be required to provide to partner’s password.

Note: your ID and password changes for each connection, there are not fixed.

Any Desk

Any Desk is a remote software that works just like Team Viewer. Download Any Desk Here just like Team Viewer, Any Desk is available for all operating system Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, Raspberry Pi, Android & iOS.

Any Desk - Remotely Operate Another PC

From the screenshot above, all you need to do is insert the address/ID of the remote desk (device) you want to access or vice versa and click on connect. Finish.





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