Restrict Content Copy in WordPress (WP Content Protection)

Do you want to restrict content copy in WordPress ? As the world is moving from the traditional print media to E-media and blogging plagiarism is becoming a major challenge faced by online journalists, poets, article writers etc.

The need to protect your contents both text and images from unauthorized people to copy them from your website is paramount. In this article I will show you how to protect your website contents from being lifted out of your website.

I will use a plugin WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click. Go to plugins >> Add New and type in the plugin name. Install & activate the plugin.

Restrict Content Copy in WordPress - Plugin

After plugin installation and activation, click on Copy Protection to enter the plugin settings.

There are some options in the plugin page like the selection disable message, post protection by JavaScript & homepage protection by JavaScript if disabled will allow site users to highlight and copy text using the keyboard CTRL + C.

You can also select No right click & copy for a particular section like posts, pages & homepage.

Restrict Content Copy in WordPress - Premium Option


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