Setup Web Push Notifications For WordPress Site

Do you want to setup a web push notifications for WordPress site?

This post will show your step by step guide on how to make your WordPress site readers receive web push notifications about your latest post publications on their PC(desktop and laptop) and mobile devices.

Web Push Notifications are clickable popup notification messages that appears on users PC and mobile devices. Site users will need to give their explicit consent to the web push notifications, that’s a user will have to accept or reject to receive push notifications on their device. Here’s a screenshot below.

web push notification 1

There are awesome features about the push notifications.

  • Site users will get the web push notifications on their device even when they are not on your website.
  • Your site users will also get the push notifications on their device when their browser isn’t open. see screenshot below to see how push notifications from Yahoo mail displays on PC.
web push notification sample

Push notifications has become a major source of website traffic by top companies. It is simple and easier to use compare to social media because all it require is a one time setup for your subscribed readers to be getting notifications on their device. Also unlike social media, there’s no algorithm to limit your reach.

How to Setup Web Push Notifications On WordPress Site
  • There are few good push notifications providers out there with WordPress functionality, in this tutorial i will show you how to use OneSignal Push for a WordPress website. First go to OneSignal and register for a free account. I prefer OneSignal Push because of the great offers for free users. They offer up to 10, 000 recipients for messages for the free account with unlimited website.
  • Add your site name and setup the site
web push notification - setup 1
Web Push Notifications For WordPress - setup 2
  • You’ll be taken to a page to copy the App ID and API key for the configuration.
  • Head to your WordPress dashboard and Install OneSignal Push WordPress Plugin.
Web Push Notifications For WordPress - API Settings
web-push-notification-onesignal-push - Web Push Notifications For WordPress

Go to plugin settings page, paste the APP ID and API key in their respective spaces and setup your own configurations.





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