How to Access Cpanel With Changing IP (Server)

This post will show you how to access cpanel with changing IP address.

A dynamic (changing) IP (internet protocol) address is a type of IP that changes as you surf the internet. Cpanel and Webmail will log users out once their IP address changes. Most mobile internet network providers have dynamic internet protocol but you can also contact your internet service provider to configure your IP to a static IP.

Follow The Steps Below to Access Your Cpanel & Webmail Using a Changing IP
  • Login to Cpanel, under domains >> sub domains.
Access Cpanel With Changing IP
Subdomain – access cpanel with changing IP address
  • Create cpanel and webmail subdomains.
Access Cpanel With Changing IP
Create Cpanel
create webmail sub domain
  • Download cpanel prox zip file to your device.
  • Go back to your Cpanel, File Manager >> open the cpanel sub domain folder.
  • Upload the cpanel proxy you downloaded to the cpanel sub domain directory.
Access Cpanel With Changing IP
upload cpanel proxy zip file to cpanel subdomain directory
  • Right click on the file and choose extract to extract the file. You can optionally delete the zipped file after extraction.
  • You’re done! Repeat the same process for webmail.

To access your Cpanel & Webmail using the subdomain you created. Let’s use Techs Jardin as example:

Goto & to login to cPanel & webmail respectively.

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