How to Completely Clone a Website

In this post, you’ll learn how to completely clone a website. Please note that this tutorial is for educational purpose and does not in any way support the use of the knowledge for any criminality.

I will be using a software called HTTrack, a powerful website cloning software available for windows, Linux and Android operating system. It can be used to clone all kind of websites including WordPress sites.

Download and install HTTrack from their official website. For windows device, the recommended version is always highlighted as shown below

clone a website - download httrack
download httrack

After installation, to clone a website open the HTTrack software, click on Next.

clone a website - dsite clone
start a site clone

Provide the project name and choose the path (base path) to save the clone site to as shown below and click on Next.

clone a website - project name

Under options for Action, choose “Download web site(s)” and type in the full URL under Web Addresses. You can type more than one URL per line if you wish to clone more than one website and click Next.

Allow the settings below to remain the same and click “Finish”.

The cloning time depends on the size of the site you are cloning.

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