How to Verify a Domain on Facebook

This post will show you how to verify a domain on Facebook.

Verifying your website on Facebook gives your domain more authority on Facebook and also tells Facebook that your website isn’t a spam link. Sometimes Facebook can flag or even block your website on the suspicion that it’s a spam link.

To avoid this you can verify a site url on Facebook the same way you can verify your site on search engine like Google search console.

Follow The Steps Below to Verify a Domain on Facebook

Visit Facebook Business website to create an account.

Click on Settings and scroll to “Brand Safety” >> “Domain”.

Add your domain name in the box provided and click Add.

It will take you to the page below where you’ll copy the generated code to paste on your domain. There are 3 options to verify the code:

I will use the method of adding the HTML meta tag to the <head> </head> (header) section of our website.

Verify a Domain on Facebook - copy code

Once you’ve added the code to the header section of your website, come over to Facebook and click “Verify Domain”. You’ll get a confirmation pop up message if successful.

Verifying your domian on Facebook - success





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