How to Access Twitter Without VPN In Restricted Areas

This post will reveal to you how to access Twitter without VPN in countries Twitter access is restricted.

Nigerian government yesterday ordered the ban of Twitter in their country by all network providers following the deletion of their president’s post that violated Twitter’s policy.

Many are worried how to access the giant social media platform, while some people aren’t aware of VPN (Virtual Private Network), some are afraid of the consequences of using VPN especially the free VPNs due to availability of users personal data to VPN operators. Most free VPNs will collect your device device, browsing history, location without your knowledge. some VPNs can go as far as monitoring your calls and messages.

Follow The Steps Below to Access Twitter App Without VPN

Access Twitter Without VPN - VPN

Method 1

  • Turn your phone location off, so your network won’t recognize your location.
  • Open the Twitter app, go to settings and click on Proxy.
  • Use as the proxy.
  • Use 8080 as Port.
  • Exit the Twitter application and open it back to start using Twitter in a restricted area without a VPN.

Method 2

To access on the web Download and use Puffin Browser to access twitter without VPN in a restricted area.

Enjoy the internet without restriction.






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