Fix WhatsApp Not Working (Date & Time Error) on Android

This post will show you how to fix WhatsApp not working (date & time error) on your Android phone.

Recently my WhatsApp stopped working and it showed me a date and time error while the date and time on my Android phone were correctly set. I also noticed I couldn’t install applications from my Google Play Store and at this point, I knew the fault was from my Google Play Store and the only solution to the problem was to reset the Play Store on my phone.

How to Reset Google Play Store

  • Go to the settings section on your Phone
  • Select “Applications and Permissions” or “Applications and notification” depending on how it appears on your phone.

WhatsApp not working - Apps and Permission


  • select “App manager” scroll to “Google Play Store” and tap on “Internal Storage”

WhatsApp internal storage


  • From internal storage, tap on “Clear cache”

WhatsApp - Clear cache

This will reset the memory of your Google Play Store and your WhatsApp will be working fine. If your WhatsApp doesn’t work after this process, restart your phone to apply the settings and it all will be good!






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