Easily Change WordPress Author Profile picture in Bio – Simple Steps

In this post, I’ll show you how to easily change WordPress author profile picture in bio. By default, WordPress displays your Gravatar image as your profile image (that’s if you have a Gravatar account and used that same email as your WordPress admin email) or displays a default avatar if you don’t have a Gravater profile image.

Having the option to change WordPress profile image is very essential if your blog is one that have many authors because every authors cannot be using the same profile picture.

Follow The Steps Below to Change Your WordPress Author Profile Picture

Install and activate ProfilePress Plugin upon activation of the Plugin, go to the plugin settings area to set the plugin to your preference (The ProfilePress plugin isn’t just for user profile picture, it can also be used for registration, membership, login pages and other functionalities) or you can skip the settings stage and go straight to the purpose of this article.

Select a user account you want to change the profile image and click on edit, scroll down to “Profile Picture” and shown below

Change WordPress Author Profile picture - Profile Picture

Here you can upload your profile picture in either original size or thumbnail. With ProfilePress plugin, you also have the open of uploading a cover photo, after you finish uploading your profile picture scroll down and click on “Update Profile” at the bottom. Repeat this process for other authors that want to change their profile photo in the blog.






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