Turn On/Off Facebook Email & Push Notifications

This post will show you how to turn on/off Facebook email & push notifications or set preferences of notifications on your mobile phone and PC devices. Sometimes getting too many notifications from Facebook in your email inbox can be annoying and frustrating, imagine getting 50 email notifications about people who liked your post in a day.

Facebook sends notifications of activities on your account through 3 methods based on your preference (Email, Push & SMS). Push notifications are notifications that pop up on your PC or phone when you connect to the internet, SMS notifications as at the time of writing is no longer functional in most countries although the option is still available.


I’m using Facebook web and your settings using either PC or mobile phone applies to all devices.

From your Facebook profile, click on the drop-down icon at the top-right section of the account and click on “Settings & Privacy”

Turn Off Facebook Email Notifications- Settings & Privacy

In the next swipe, click on “Settings” and you’ll be taken to this section below

Turn Off Facebook Email Notifications -Notifications area

Click on “Notifications” on the left section, in the next window, you can choose to enable disable notifications by email, SMS or push based on the activity on your account like comment, post likes, tags, friend requests, updates from friends etc

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