Set Double Line Spacing in Microsoft Word

By default, Microsoft word has single line spacing if you want to set a double or multiple line spacing in Microsoft word then this is the right guide for you. Follow the steps below to set MS word line spacing ( I’m using Microsoft office professional plus 2010).

Method 1

  • On your Microsoft word document home section, right click on the “normal” font section and click on “modify” (see below)

Modify line - Double Line Spacing in Microsoft Word

  • In the pop-up window that opens, the three horizontal triple lines circle below represent single, double and triple line spacing

three line spacing - Double Line Spacing in Microsoft Word

  • Choose double or triple line spacing and click “Ok”

Method 2

  • like the first method we used to set double line spacing in Microsoft word, on the home section of your document, click on the arrow-down little icon in the paragraph section

arrow down - double line spacing in microsoft word

  • In the pop-up window, click on the line spacing dropdown to expand the options, you can choose double, multiple or any other option you desire

paragraph line spacing options








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