Earn Money Online Watching Video Ads – June 2022

In this short post, you will see how to make earn online by watching video ads. This post will show you how to earn residual income on the internet but not how to get rich quick so let this sound like a disclaimer to you.

In this method, you’ll be required to watch video ads in order for you to make money for the site, the amount you make per video ad you watch will mostly depend on the duration of the ad so the longer the ad the higher the money. But be sure you follow the instructions on the site in order for you to make money from each ad you view or watch (a detailed explanation is given in the video at the end of this post).

Payment method includes Perfect Money, Payeer, Faucet pay, airtm and others

Visit Aticlix which is the site you’ll be making money while watching video ad. Registration is an easy and short process so click on register to complete the registration form.

After registration, click on “Earn Money” on the main menu and select “View Advertisement”, validate the captcha to proceed. Select a video ad to view and open the page.

Note: While viewing a ad, try not to remain dormant on the page but scroll up and down the page gradually so that the system doesn’t consider you to be a robot Also note that you’re not expected¬† to click on any link on the ad page (For more step by step explanation, watch the video below)

Earn Money Online Watching Video Ads


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