Earn Money Online Writing Video Subtitles – Make Dollars Online Writing Video Subtitles

In this post, I’ll tell you all about video subtitles and how you can earn money online by writing video subtitles. Subtitles are captions that display when a video Is playing, take video subtitles to be speech-to-text conversion that corresponds with the action in the video.

Subtitling is an in-demand service because of its benefits.

Subtitles help people with hearing difficulty or deaf people to understand video. It also helps people who do not understand the accent of the language they are watching in the video. For instance, an Anglophonic African who does not really understand the American accent and vice versa

Ways to Earn Money Online Writing Video Subtitles

  • Make Money Writing Subtitle From Scratch

This method is the popular method of subtitle writing service. This method will involve listening to the video and writing all contents of the video. You will really need to understand the language you are subtitling in order for you to make money with this method. Descript offers a good subtitling service and you can use their free version to translate up to 30 minutes video and this is what I am currently using.

  • Subtitle Translation

This is a high-demand subtitle service and many video creators want their videos viewed by people from diverse languages. For instance a French video with English subtitles. There are many opportunities to make money translating subtitles to another language you understand and the good news here is that you can use a language translator to do this.

  • Subtitles Quality Control

Your work as a subtitle quality control person is to proofread subtitles for grammatical and spelling errors. You have to be proficient in the language you’re working with.


Platforms to Earn Money Online Writing Video Subtitles

This company is one of the biggest video companies in the world and unknown to many they have freelance workers whose work is basically subtitling of video. According to reports, you can make as much as $60k per annum producing subtitles for Netflix.

This is another subtitle-producing platform used by big companies like Amazon, Mozilla, and Shopify. You can work remotely writing subtitles for AI media and earn up to $40 per hour.

This company specializes in subtitling Christian-based videos so apart from being a good subtitles writer, you do need to have a sound idea of the terminology used in Christian media.

You can make up to $75 an hour as a real-time captioner and subtitler

The above two companies are the biggest site for freelancers and there are lots of video subtitles work on the site. So register on the site to apply for subtitle writing jobs




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