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About Techs Jardin

Welcome to Techs Jardin – The Global Tech Garden.

This blog was created out of the Author’s passion for teaching and documenting his information and communication technology skills. Just as the name implies, this blog covers every topic about technology with more emphasis on the Web Development (Coding & Content Management Systems like WordPress), Programming, Blogging, Tech Product Reviews and Phone PC settings, Internet Marketing, Tech News Etc.

All (How-to) posts are tutorials (100% practicals) with corresponding screenshots. Some of the posts will be backed up with video tutorials in subsequent time depending on the complexity of the tutorial.

From the above explanation. Techs Jardin is a very interesting blog for new and old web designers, bloggers, internet marketers and tech enthusiasts because unlike other blogs, this blog serve as a Tech Library to the author where he regularly publish what he learnt and discover in the course of his daily works in the technology world.

About The Author

Edikan Victor (Ediko) is a blogger, web developer and programming who practice and learn new things daily.

He has been a active blogger from 2013 till date. He has trained bloggers and web designers who are now good what they are doing.