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  • How to Identify The Font Type In Any Image

    This post will show you how to identify the font type used in any image. There are times you saw a nice font used in a picture and you want to know the name of the font used in the image but you don’t know how to figure it out, follow the steps below to […]

  • Set Default Browser on Android Phone

    This post will show you how to set the default web browser on an Android phone. Opening a web page from social media, and text messages on a browser you don’t like by default can be annoying, most people like me are used to the UI/UX and navigation of a particular mobile browser so I’ll […]

  • Use 2 Different WhatsApp accounts on one Android Phone

    This post will show you a simple way to use 2 different WhatsApp messenger accounts on one Android phone. The option of using 2 WhatsApp accounts on the same Android phone is an issue faced by many WhatsApp users, especially people who operate personal and business WhatsApp accounts. FIRST METHOD This method involves the use […]

  • 8 High Paying Tech Jobs for Introverts – Work From Home

    In this post, I will show you 8 high paying tech jobs suitable for persons that are introverts. So if you’re an introvert or you have a friend or relation that’s one, keep reading this post so you’ll know how to make money as an introvert. Who is An Introvert An Introvert is usually a […]

  • Earn Money Online Writing Video Subtitles – Make Dollars Online Writing Video Subtitles

    In this post, I’ll tell you all about video subtitles and how you can earn money online by writing video subtitles. Subtitles are captions that display when a video Is playing, take video subtitles to be speech-to-text conversion that corresponds with the action in the video. Subtitling is an in-demand service because of its benefits. […]

  • How to Read Deleted Messenger & WhatsApp Message

    Do you know you can read deleted Facebook messenger and WhatsApp messages after the sender has deleted the messages? This post will show you how to view deleted Facebook messenger and WhatsApp message that has been deleted by the sender. To get started, we will be using Android phone for this. Go to Google play […]

  • Earn Money Online Watching Video Ads – June 2022

    In this short post, you will see how to make earn online by watching video ads. This post will show you how to earn residual income on the internet but not how to get rich quick so let this sound like a disclaimer to you. In this method, you’ll be required to watch video ads […]

  • Make Money $8 per Free Music You Upload Online – 2022

    This post will show you how to make money online by uploading free (royalty-free) music – Make as much as $8 per free music you upload online. There are several ways to earn residual income on the internet but the main and real question most time is always which one is the good one that […]

  • Turn On Safe Search On Chrome Browser & Block Websites For Kids

    This post will show you how to turn on safe search on the Google Chrome browser. Sometimes you may need to filter search engine results like adults contents, and violent or abusive content & block some websites on a device especially devices used by kids. Following the steps below to turn on safe family search […]

  • Set Double Line Spacing in Microsoft Word

    By default, Microsoft word has single line spacing if you want to set a double or multiple line spacing in Microsoft word then this is the right guide for you. Follow the steps below to set MS word line spacing ( I’m using Microsoft office professional plus 2010). Method 1 On your Microsoft word document […]