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  • Set Default Browser on Android Phone

    This post will show you how to set the default web browser on an Android phone. Opening a web page from social media, and text messages on a browser you don’t like by default can be annoying, most people like me are used to the UI/UX and navigation of a particular mobile browser so I’ll […]

  • Use 2 Different WhatsApp accounts on one Android Phone

    This post will show you a simple way to use 2 different WhatsApp messenger accounts on one Android phone. The option of using 2 WhatsApp accounts on the same Android phone is an issue faced by many WhatsApp users, especially people who operate personal and business WhatsApp accounts. FIRST METHOD This method involves the use […]

  • Turn On Safe Search On Chrome Browser & Block Websites For Kids

    This post will show you how to turn on safe search on the Google Chrome browser. Sometimes you may need to filter search engine results like adults contents, and violent or abusive content & block some websites on a device especially devices used by kids. Following the steps below to turn on safe family search […]

  • How to Disable Notifications on Chrome Browser

    This post will show you an easy way to disable notifications on your Chrome browser. Web push notifications are useful to help you get notified about new posts on your favourite sites but it can be annoying when you enabled web push notifications on the wrong site or less or non-interesting topics. Using Mobile Phone […]

  • Turn Off Notifications on Mozilla Firefox Browser

    This post will show you how to easily turn off notifications on Mozilla Firefox browser. You can also set preferences for your Firefox browser. ON PC On your Chrome Browser, click on the three-line bar at the top right and select “Settings” at the bottom Click on “Privacy & Security” and under permissions click on […]

  • Recover & Restore Deleted Phone Numbers on Android Phone

    This post will show you how to recover and restore deleted phone numbers on your Android phone. Sometimes you may mistakenly delete contacts on your phone or you intentionally delete a number but later need the phone number you deleted on your phone, it can be frustrating when you cannot get the phone number back. […]

  • Fix WhatsApp Not Working (Date & Time Error) on Android

    This post will show you how to fix WhatsApp not working (date & time error) on your Android phone. Recently my WhatsApp stopped working and it showed me a date and time error while the date and time on my Android phone were correctly set. I also noticed I couldn’t install applications from my Google […]

  • How to Send & Open a Confidential Email in Gmail

    In this post, you’ll learn how how to send & open a confidential email in Gmail. A confidential email is one where the recipient cannot forward, copy, print or download the contents of the email also a confidential email has an expiring date which means that after a selected date from expiration, the recipient of […]

  • Get Free 100GB Storage Space On Android Phone

    In this post i will show you how to get One hundred Gigabyte – free 100GB storage space on your Android phone. This feature is available for any Android phone. To get started; Using any Android phone, go to Google Play store and search and install Degoo: 100GB Cloud Storage application. To complete step-by-step setup […]

  • Hide Applications & Files in Android Phone (VIDEO)

    In this video you will learn how to hide applications in your Android phone and access hidden applications through a private space using a secured password. You’ll also learn how to hide any kind of file (image, video, text message) in your Android phone and access them in a private space using a secured password. […]