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  • Turn On Safe Search On Chrome Browser & Block Websites For Kids

    This post will show you how to turn on safe search on the Google Chrome browser. Sometimes you may need to filter search engine results like adults contents, and violent or abusive content & block some websites on a device especially devices used by kids. Following the steps below to turn on safe family search […]

  • Steps to Change Font in Chrome Browser

    This post will show you how to change font (size and family) in Chrome browser. You may be used to a particular font or the default font size of your Chrome browser is either too big or small, keep reading this post to see how to change your browser font to your desired font. On […]

  • How to Disable Notifications on Chrome Browser

    This post will show you an easy way to disable notifications on your Chrome browser. Web push notifications are useful to help you get notified about new posts on your favourite sites but it can be annoying when you enabled web push notifications on the wrong site or less or non-interesting topics. Using Mobile Phone […]