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  • Setup Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts For Easy Navigation

    Facebook keyboard shortcuts functionality was recently added to Facebook for easy navigation around the social media platform on the web. With the keyboard shortcuts, you don’t need to scroll up or down to create a post, click on the arrow the view the next picture, click to share etc, all you need is a press […]

  • Enable Dark Mode in Facebook & Messenger

    Dark mode in Facebook & Messenger is a very cool functionality introduced by Facebook. The dark mode is really helpful and even advised for people with an optical defect, dark mode also help you navigate your Facebook with ease when you’re in a very bright or sunny environment. This post will show you how to […]

  • How to Access Twitter Without VPN In Restricted Areas

    This post will reveal to you how to access Twitter without VPN in countries Twitter access is restricted. Nigerian government yesterday ordered the ban of Twitter in their country by all network providers following the deletion of their president’s post that violated Twitter’s policy. Many are worried how to access the giant social media platform, […]

  • How to Verify a Domain on Facebook

    This post will show you how to verify a domain on Facebook. Verifying your website on Facebook gives your domain more authority on Facebook and also tells Facebook that your website isn’t a spam link. Sometimes Facebook can flag or even block your website on the suspicion that it’s a spam link. To avoid this […]