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  • How to Disable Notifications on Chrome Browser

    This post will show you an easy way to disable notifications on your Chrome browser. Web push notifications are useful to help you get notified about new posts on your favourite sites but it can be annoying when you enabled web push notifications on the wrong site or less or non-interesting topics. Using Mobile Phone […]

  • Turn On/Off Facebook Email & Push Notifications

    This post will show you how to turn on/off Facebook email & push notifications or set preferences of notifications on your mobile phone and PC devices. Sometimes getting too many notifications from Facebook in your email inbox can be annoying and frustrating, imagine getting 50 email notifications about people who liked your post in a […]

  • Setup Web Push Notifications For WordPress Site

    Do you want to setup a web push notifications for WordPress site? This post will show your step by step guide on how to make your WordPress site readers receive web push notifications about your latest post publications on their PC(desktop and laptop) and mobile devices. Web Push Notifications are clickable popup notification messages that […]