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  • Use 2 Different WhatsApp accounts on one Android Phone

    This post will show you a simple way to use 2 different WhatsApp messenger accounts on one Android phone. The option of using 2 WhatsApp accounts on the same Android phone is an issue faced by many WhatsApp users, especially people who operate personal and business WhatsApp accounts. FIRST METHOD This method involves the use […]

  • How to Read Deleted Messenger & WhatsApp Message

    Do you know you can read deleted Facebook messenger and WhatsApp messages after the sender has deleted the messages? This post will show you how to view deleted Facebook messenger and WhatsApp message that has been deleted by the sender. To get started, we will be using Android phone for this. Go to Google play […]

  • Fix WhatsApp Not Working (Date & Time Error) on Android

    This post will show you how to fix WhatsApp not working (date & time error) on your Android phone. Recently my WhatsApp stopped working and it showed me a date and time error while the date and time on my Android phone were correctly set. I also noticed I couldn’t install applications from my Google […]

  • WhatsApp Introduces Photos “Read Once and Disappear From Device” Feature

    Facebook owned messaging platform WhatsApp has announced the commencement of “view once” only photos and video on their application According to WhatsApp this will further boast the privacy of its users which is similar to what’s obtainable on Snapchat With this feature, users will be able to share photos and videos which can only be […]